Quick start up guide


Step 1 - Add Credit

Since this is a pre-paid service you need to first add credit to your account. 

Log in to your Portal account with the credentials that were sent to you, then navigate to PAYMENTS/ BILLING > ADD CREDIT
Here you will be able to add credit and also setup a direct debit if you wish.

once selected you will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions depending on which payment method you are wanting to choose.

After this, you need to Enable Auto Top Up to make sure your account never drops into a negative balance
Please keep in mind that if your account drops below a negative balance your services may be interrupted or potentially temporarily Suspended.

Once your account has credit you can then add your number/s.

Step 2 - Add a number

All accounts will have a temporary number given to allow customers to to divert their current number to our service until their original number is completely ported. If you wish to choose your own number from our portal, please contact our support team.

Adding a Number

To purchase or add a number to your account navigate to NUMBERS > ADD NUMBER

Porting a Number

To port your number from your current provider to our portal account, navigate to NUMBERS > PORT NUMBER 

Fill out the port request form, once this is done we can accept the port and you will be able to use your original number as your caller ID for outbound calling instantly, to able to use your number for inbound calls you will have to wait for the number to be ported to our network.

Port request can take between 4-5 business days up to 30 days. 

Step 3 - Add Extensions / Users

Each user can utilise 1 extension with 3 devices each.

To add an extension/user simply navigate to the EXTENSIONS/USERS page and click ADD EXTENSION/USER here you will be able to create your extension/user. All new accounts will be given 3 users to start with depending on the plan you are on.

There are 3 types of extensions you can create

  1. Uniden Handset (easy setup plug and play)

  2. Mobile iOS/Andriod/PC App (easy setup scan QR code)

  3. Windows App (simply download the app and enter your PIN)

To setup an existing Users extension with device/s click on the ext you wish to edit and navigate to Mange Devices.

Adding Uniden handset

This is the easiest method you simply add the MAC address of your handset (found on the back of your handset) into the portal set the provision date to the future and factory reset the phone.

Adding mobile Extension

To add a mobile iOS or Andriod extension is simple, First, you need to download the app iOS HERE and Andriod HERE once you have installed the app it will ask you to scan a QR code you can find this code by clicking on your extension number under EXTENSIONS and then clicking Mobile Phone under Manage Handset Type. 

Adding softphone / 3rd party handset

To add your Windows softphone all you need is your PIN, you can find this information in the portal under EXTENSIONS > Manage Handset Type > PC Phone > Show PIN

Download the Softphone HERE and when asked simply add your PIN

Step 4 - Create your number route

This step is setting up how you want your numbers to work, there are many options from a simple route calling a single extension to a more complex route including IVR's, announcements, and Time Conditions. 

For all new customers, it is best to book your onboarding meeting so that our support team can customise your call route the way you want. with that in mind all accounts will have a basic setup ready for you to use.

Step 5 - If you are still stuck watch this intro video