Christmas Break and Holidays

Setting you phone system up for the Christmas Break or a shutdown period with your time conditions and playing an announcement.

Sign into your portal, Click on Tool/Setup > Time Conditions

Click on the phone number that you want to apply the changes too, click edit

To auto create upcoming public holidays within our system, click on “Public Holidays” to see the options. you can select “Auto create upcoming public holidays” so that our system does the leg work for you depending on the state you have selected.

For your shutdown periods simply add those extra days your require.

When you enter your own this will cover your business shutdown period for those days in between the public holidays.




To view those days visit to help plan out your shutdown period.

Once you have done so, your afterhours announcement will play on those days which you have set.

If you wish to update your afterhours announcement follow the below instructions

  1. Go to Tools/Setup > “Announcement”

  2. Upload or create your own. for more information visit Announcement

  3. Go to “Numbers” page.

  4. Select the desired number you want to apply your announcement to.

5. Go to “Otherwise, follow this default route:”

Select route type “Announcement” if not already set and select your newly uploaded/created announcement.

If you wish to have customers leave you a voicemail, set step 2 as voicemail and point this to an extension that you would like for them to go to. example would be setting this to your Front desk or receptionist extension. for more information about setting up a voicemail. go to Extension and Users page

Click “Save” top right of the page to apply your changes.