Uniden EVOC2 Handset


Connecting to the Device
Please connect power adapter, network, PC, handset, and headset to the corresponding ports as described in below diagram 1.1.

Diagram 1.1
① USB port: connect USB device (USB flash disk, WIFI Dongle)
② Power port: connect the power adapter.
③ Network port: connecting local area network or Internet.
④ PC port: the network port connect to the computer.
⑤ Headset port: connect headset.
⑥ Handset port: connect IP Phone handset.


Making a call

  1. Pre-dialing: enter the phone number and pick up the handset.

  2. Direct dialing: lift the handset and enter the phone number.

  3. Handsfree: enter phone number and press or vice versa.

  4. Headset: enter phone number and press or vice versa.

Accepting a call

  1. With the handset: pick up the handset.

  2. With a headset: press .

  3. With the handsfree: press .

Putting a call on Hold

  1. Press Hold soft key, caller is put on hold.

  2. To retrieve the call Press Resume soft key.
    Note: with more than one active call, select desired call with the
    navigator keys and use the corresponding soft keyt o hold
    or resume.

Parking a call

  1. When on a call, Press XFER Dail 700 (that will play the park number back to you)

  2. Press XFER to complete the Transfer and end call.

  3. Then dial the number that was given to you to pickup the parked call


Paging Extension (EVOC2 Handset Only)

NOTE: You will only be able to page an extension which has a EVOC2 handset. e.g PC APP/Mobile > EVOC2 Handset will work. The paging system will not work if the extension you are trying to page is only registered to a PC APP/Mobile APP

  1. Dail *80 Extension and press “Dail”

  2. Dail *80 (press BLF Key) and press “Dail”